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Right of Passage
We are developing a program called "Right of Passage." In brief it is:

For young men 13 to 25, we will help families, friends, churches, clubs set a celebration for a young man called "right of passage" that will be a day in his life that he can look forward and back on that will mark the day that his elders proclaimed that he needed to put away the things of a child and take up the values of a man.

This was done in the old testament times and by our American Indians, as well as in many other People in different parts of the world. But sadly it is not being done much in America, with tragic results in the development of boys to men. Boys are now looking for conquest in sports, jobs, sex, drugs, or gangs to make them "feel" like a man.

We hope to change that - one boy at a time - in hopes that the program becomes a model for others to follow. This is also the hope of Mr. Brian D. Molitor who wrote the book, "A Boys Passage" that this program is loosely based upon. Many thanks to Mr. Molitor for his research and ground braking work that enables us to pick up the ball and run, without reinventing the wheel. Our hopes are that we can make him proud in carrying on his program. If you want to know more about our program, purchase his book, read it cover to cover, and then email us for help. We hope that this program turns into 5 boys a month for the first year. Then Who Knows?

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