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2017 KRFL Forms

The links below are for the forms that need to be filled out for the 2017 Kids Racing For Life event. There are some changes this year.
Be sure and read all the information on this page before proceeding.

There is more than one way to fillout the forms and send them to KRFL. The first method involves printing the forms, filling them in by hand, and mailing them to the folks at KRFL. This is the method outlined in the checklist in the "Forms Packet". Be sure and read the checklist carefully.

The preferred method for filling the forms is to save them to your computer and fill them using Adobe Acrobat Reader. To fill the forms online you must have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If your version of Reader does not allow you to fill the forms you can download the current version. Like a lot of sites offering free software, Adobe attaches other apps to your download. Be sure and read each window carefully as you may be asked to approve the installation of other software. You can "unclick" any software you do not want. There is an example of the Acrobat Reader download page HERE. Download the current version of Reader HERE.

Right click on the "2017 Packet" link and select "Save Link As" or "Save File As", depending on your browser. Save the file with the default file name. This file contains the Letter to Families, Check List, one Application to Participate, one Minor Waiver, and one Adult Waiver. Read the letter and checklist carefully.

Navigate to the location of the saved Packet file and click (or double click) to open in Acrobat Reader. You can also right click and choose "Open with - Acrobat Reader". Fill in the forms. After completing the forms, save and give the file a unique name - such as Jones Family Packet. If you need additional forms follow the same procedure: save the form - open in Acrobat Reader - Fill the form - save with unique name. You then should be able to email the file(s) using your email program. Attach the file(s) to an email and send to KRFL at Stephanie@racerev.com

2017 Forms

2017 Packet

Additional Application Form Additional Minor Release Form Additional Adult Release Form

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